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The Federal Housing Administration allows for refinancing options on your current home loan. We can analyze your current mortgage and see how you can save money on your monthly payments. The FHA Refinance loans o!er the following advantages:

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    Frequently Asked Questions About

    Loan Refinance

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    An FHA Refinance Loan lets existing FHA borrowers refinance for lower rates or access equity.

    Eligibility requires an existing FHA loan.

    There are Streamline and Cash-Out Refinance options.

    Benefits include lower rates, cash access, and simplified requirements.

    Find an FHA-approved lender, complete the application, provide documents, and follow lender instructions.

    Common documents include income proof, current FHA loan details, credit history, and more.

    Yes, with the Cash-Out Refinance program.

    It varies but averages 30 to 45 days.