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Linour Lending provides the option to refinance your existing mortgage, allowing for more favorable payment terms that better suit your financial situation.

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    Frequently Asked Questions About

    Loan Refinance

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    A Conventional loan replaces an existing mortgage with new terms, rates, or loan amounts, not backed by government entities.

    Homeowners with a stable income, good credit score, and equity in their home typically qualify.

    Lower interest rates, reduced monthly payments, shorter loan terms, or converting from adjustable-rate to fixed-rate mortgages.

    Begin by contacting a lender, completing a loan application, and providing necessary documentation for assessment.

    Recent pay stubs, W-2s and/or tax returns, bank statements, and asset information are standard requirements.

    Varies by lender, but typically at least 3% equity is required.

    Most conventional loans allow for early payoff without penalties, but verify with your specific loan terms.

    Generally takes 15 to 30 days in California, though it can be faster with pre-approval and prompt documentation.

    Expect appraisal, origination, title, and other closing costs, which can sometimes be rolled into the loan balance.