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Private money lending has become a cornerstone in the world of real estate investment. This unique form of financing plays a crucial role in helping investors acquire, renovate, and flip properties. It offers a flexible and often more accessible alternative to traditional banking systems.

Top Benefits of Choosing Private Money Loans

Navigating the Quick, Flexible, and Accessible Path of Private Money Lending
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Rapid Processing and Customization

Known for quick approval and funding processes. These loans offer a high degree of customization, allowing borrowers to negotiate terms that align with their specific project requirements.

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Accommodating Unique Circumstances

Valuable for borrowers who may not fit the traditional lending mold. Whether it's due to unconventional income sources, a lower credit score, or recent financial hiccups, we often have the flexibility to accommodate a wider range of borrower profiles.

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Investment Opportunities

Real estate investors frequently turn to private money loans for their projects. The ability to quickly access funds is critical in the real estate market, whether for purchasing, renovating, or flipping properties.

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Less Emphasis on Credit History

In contrast to traditional banks, we typically place more emphasis on the value of the property or the investment rather than solely on the borrower's credit score.

Private Lending Services​

Your financial aspirations and needs are unique, and so are our funding solutions. At our core, we specialize in private money lending services, offering a diverse portfolio of financing options crafted to align perfectly with your specific financial goals. Whether you’re navigating complex investment ventures or seeking funding for personal projects, our commitment lies in providing you with financial solutions that not only meet but exceed your expectations.

Our Loan Services

Real estate Investment Loan

Fix and flip loans are short-term financing tools that real estate investors use to purchase a property, renovate it, and sell it for a profit. Unlike conventional home loans, these are designed for quick turnaround and are not meant for long-term investment.

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Bridge loans are interim financing used to cover the period between buying a property and securing long-term financing or sale proceeds.

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Residential investment Long Term Loan

Rental Property Loans DSCR, or Debt Service Coverage Ratio, is a key metric used by lenders to evaluate the feasibility of a loan for a rental property. It essentially measures the property’s ability to generate enough income to cover its debt obligations, including the loan payments.

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Unlike standard DSCR loans, which focus on a property’s income compared to its debt obligations, No-DSCR loans prioritize the value of the property itself.

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A first mortgage from a private lender is the primary loan secured against a property. It’s typically used for purchasing real estate and has priority over other liens or loans in case of default.

A second mortgage stands behind the first mortgage and is taken out against the equity of the property. It’s often used for additional financing needs, like home improvements or debt consolidation.

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Commercial Private Money Loans

For quick funding of commercial real estate investments, renovations for value addition, urgent procurements, or business expansions or relocations. Also useful for businesses with poor credit scores needing a boost in revenue to secure long-term financing.

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Utilized for both short-term and long-term real estate investments. These are particularly useful when quick funding is required in the real estate sector, this type of loan can be processed faster than conventional loans.

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Designed to cater to investors who aim to purchase, renovate, and then resell multifamily properties for a profit. These loans address the unique needs of multifamily property rehabilitation and resale, offering a range of features that are particularly advantageous for such real estate investments.

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Construction Loans

Used to finance the entire process of building a new residential property. This includes purchasing the land, paying for labor, materials, and other construction-related expenses.

Typically short-term loans, with terms usually not extending beyond the completion of the construction project.

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