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Exploring options to get out of a PACE loan? You’re not navigating this alone. Our dedicated team is ready to streamline your payoff process, just call (888)386-6044.

Discover your savings by eliminating your PACE loan with our help today.

Discover the Top Reasons to Say Goodbye to Your PACE Loan

Frustrated with rising monthly payments? We’re here to enhance your savings by strategically resolving your loan issues.

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1. Drastically Reduced Interest Rates

With rates on some loans soaring above 8%, a switch could lead to significantly lower rates. Take action today.

Financial advisor discussing to remove pace loan with a homeowner.

2. Enhanced Tax Deductions

Navigating the maze of tax regulations? We're here to optimize your savings through expert guidance, ensuring you leverage the latest changes to your advantage.

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3. Secure Your Property's Equity

Learn about the intricacies of home equity and avoid complications from senior lien status. Protecting your assets is our priority.

Aerial view of homes eligible for PACE loan refinancing
View of homes eligible for PACE loan refinancing

How to Remove a Pace Loan

With Fannie Mae’s recent initiatives, we’re empowered more than ever to assist you for a more favorable interest rate.

Loans of this nature may take precedence over other debts. Learn how to settle early to prevent potential liens.

Benefits of getting rid of PACE:

  • Enjoy up to two payment-free months — more money for you.
  • Receive a cash return of your escrow balance.
  • Enjoy the advantages of lower interest rates and escrow payments.
  • Sell your property with ease, no strings attached.

Eligibility Assessment at Your Fingertips!

Don’t wait. Call us at (888)386-6044 to receive complimentary advice on how to settle your loan. Personalized options await for every unique situation.

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Client Testimonials

"I had a great experience with Linour Lending. They were transparent and fast. They provided clear information, were upfront about fees, and gave regular updates. They processed my mortgage application quickly and efficiently. I highly recommend them for their excellent service."
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Roy Rush
"I had a great experience working with Linour Lending for our property. I have dealt with numerous lenders in the past, but my experience with Linour Lending was genuinely exceptional. They were competitively priced and incredibly fast and transparent in their operations. I highly recommend them to anyone in need of lending services.”
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Sahar Mirfarsi
“Linour is an amazingly professional and courteous organization. Matt and their team have helped me through east and difficult transactions and I would highly recommend them. When I say their experience and dedication is unmatched, I mean it!”
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Quincy Booth





High recurring payments is just too much!


Surging Interest Rates

Property Tax Increase

Priority Lien Status

Complications in Property Sale





Explore financial relief and flexibility!


Favorable Interest Rates

Opportunity for Cash Returns

Payment Breaks of Up to 2 Months

Sell your property with ease


Want to find out how much you can save when you payoff your PACE Loan? Request a FREE consultation.

Can I refinance a PACE loan?

Refinancing with a PACE loan might be challenging, but it’s not impossible. We’ll assess your situation and guide you through the refinancing process in line with the latest guidelines.

What is a PACE loan?

A Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) loan offers a straightforward way for homeowners and businesses to fund upgrades that improve energy efficiency or harness renewable energy, such as solar panels, new roofing, or energy-saving windows.

Considering Cash-Out Refinancing?

Absolutely viable with sufficient equity and eligibility. Explore your options with our team, including FHA’s 80% LTV cap and VA’s 100% LTV offer for cash-out refinancing.

What makes a PACE loan difficult?

Problems with PACE loans often stem from their priority over other debts. Knowing what is the pace loan program, its interest rates, and its tax implications is vital for homeowners.

With priority over other debts, understanding the full scope of PACE loans is important. Our experts are on hand to demystify the details and offer clarity. Reach out at [email protected] for insights.


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