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Discover your savings by eliminating your HERO loan with our help today.

Discover the Top Reasons to Say Goodbye to Your HERO Loan

Frustrated with rising monthly payments? We can help lower your costs by helping you eliminate your HERO loan for good.

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1. Reduced Interest Rates

HERO loans, known for their steep interest rates, often surpassing 8%, can be a heavy financial burden. By refinancing, you can take advantage of more competitive rates currently available, leading to significant savings over time.

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2. Maximize Tax Benefits

Recent changes in the tax code have placed caps on the deductibility of HERO loans, potentially diminishing your tax advantages. Our refinancing solutions are designed to navigate these changes, ensuring you maximize your tax deductions.

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3. Avert Potential Liens

Unlike government-backed loans, HERO loans can create a superior lien on your property, posing risks in the event of a default. Refinancing your HERO loan mitigates this risk, helping you maintain control over your property's equity.

How to Remove a HERO Loan

Fannie Mae’s recent initiatives, we’re empowered more than ever to assist you for a more favorable interest rate.

Loans of this nature may take precedence over other debts. Learn how to settle early to prevent potential liens.

Benefits of getting rid of HERO:

  • Enjoy up to two payment-free months — more money for you.
  • Receive a cash return of your escrow balance.
  • Benefit from reduced interest and escrow payments.
  • Sell your property with ease, no strings attached.

Eligibility Assessment at Your Fingertips!

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Client Testimonials

"I had a great experience with Linour Lending. They were transparent and fast. They provided clear information, were upfront about fees, and gave regular updates. They processed my mortgage application quickly and efficiently. I highly recommend them for their excellent service."
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"I had a great experience working with Linour Lending for our property. I have dealt with numerous lenders in the past, but my experience with Linour Lending was genuinely exceptional. They were competitively priced and incredibly fast and transparent in their operations. I highly recommend them to anyone in need of lending services.”
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Sahar Mirfarsi
“Linour is an amazingly professional and courteous organization. Matt and their team have helped me through east and difficult transactions and I would highly recommend them. When I say their experience and dedication is unmatched, I mean it!”
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High recurring payments is just too much!


Surging Interest Rates

Property Tax Increase

Priority Lien Status

Complications in Property Sale





Explore financial relief and flexibility!


Favorable Interest Rates

Opportunity for Cash Returns

Payment Breaks of Up to 2 Months

Sell your property with ease


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Can I refinance a HERO loan?

It’s important to know that while refinancing is possible, eligibility will depend on adherence to current lending criteria. Recent FHA regulations specify that HERO loans must be settled before refinancing. We’re here to guide you through the qualification process – reach out to us for a consultation at NO COST.

What is a HERO loan?

The Home Energy Renovation Opportunity (HERO) program provides financing solutions for homeowners eager to upgrade to energy-efficient alternatives. From solar panels to HVAC systems, and even to roofing, HERO facilitates financing for various green home improvements. The program allows the loan to be affixed to the property, with repayment conveniently made through property taxes.

How Does Cash-Out Refinancing Work?

If your home has accumulated enough equity, cash-out refinancing could be a viable path. The FHA sets a maximum loan-to-value (LTV) ratio at 80%, while the VA offers a generous cash-out plan up to 100% LTV for qualified borrowers. Wondering if you meet the requirements? Contact us for a complimentary estimate.

What Are the Challenges Associated with Refinancing a HERO Loan?

A HERO loan’s unique structure, being tied to the property rather than the homeowner, can add complexity, especially when considering the repayment through property tax assessments. Understanding the implications of this type of financing is crucial, whether you’re planning to refinance, sell, or upgrade your home.

Our experts are ready to answer all your queries, from how HERO loans work to whether HERO loans are tax deductible. Contact us at [email protected] for more information.



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